Album Preview: Brian Free & Assurance’s Unashamed

I’m looking forward to this release. Brian Free always finds a handful of really good new songs for each new release, even if I don’t connect with everything on the project. So far, the ones that are catching my attention in this preview are the title track, “Say Amen,” big ballad “He Still Saves,” “A Little Bit of Me And You,” “Where There’s a Will (There’s a Way)” (which gives those of us who’ve noted the uncanny similarity between Lauren Talley and Brian Free the chance to hear them sing back-to-back solos) and the dark-sounding closer “Before the After.”

And per usual, if you have a couple hours to spare and really like this kind of stuff, BFA has posted footage from the tracking and vocal sessions herehere and here. Fans of old-school folky CCM will have a geek-out moment on the first vid around 8:50 when Scott Dente shows up on acoustic guitar. In fact, I’ll just go ahead and embed that one too. I just love watching studio musicians work. Also, priceless moment around 35:30 here when Brian is preparing to lay down vocals for the title song. “This is a killer song… We are unashamed, gonna say it straight up, buddy. [Grits teeth, pounds the wall for emphasis.] Straight up, gotta be straight up, say it like it is in this day and time. I’m gonna preach and take up an offering. You watch. I’m ready to do this thing.” You go Brian! I see that Duck Dynasty T-shirt…


2 thoughts on “Album Preview: Brian Free & Assurance’s Unashamed

  1. What blows me away from what I’ve heard so far is Mike Rogers features, I LOVE “Evidence In You” (sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard in SG) and “One”. There’s going to be some great harmony on this project.

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