Borrowing: Brian Dunphy, “God Be With Those Days”

You might recall a post I wrote some time back comparing an Irish pop/folk band called The High Kings with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. (And if perchance you haven’t read it, do take a look an it please you, I’m partial to it and you might discover some good new music. Also, my favorite High King found and liked it, so there’s that.) Anyway, while the High Kings mostly stick to folk as a group, their solo tastes vary widely. Today I’m pulling a song from baritone Brian Dunphy’s solo project and offering it as a “borrowing” candidate for a southern gospel soloist. In my head, I think this would suit Devin McGlamery particularly well. Stylistically, I would compare it with his recent solo single “While I Still Can.” It’s a sweet tune, written by Dunphy himself together with band-mate Darren Holden, and I believe it’s dedicated to his parents. (I was also reminded of the tune “Ellsworth,” which I consider to be a compliment, but I know some readers don’t share my sentiments there. Perhaps they’ll be glad to know this one isn’t as transparently tear-jerking. 😉 ) Ronnie Booth is another singer who comes to mind.

They’d talk about forever

Hold each other close

Dream about the family they would raise

They were young and innocent

In their old-fashioned ways

God be with those days

This may not be the last High Kings solo entry in the “Borrowing” series. Darren Holden also has one or two country tunes that could translate over quite well.


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