Meet the New Gaither Vocal Band

Gaither announced it yesterday, and it’s official: Todd Suttles is indeed the new fifth man in the Gaither Vocal Band. Here’s a great new video put together to introduce the new group, devoting a generous amount of time to Adam and Todd:

A few of my comments:

1. Viewers with sharper hearing than I possess have confirmed that the songs we’re hearing in the background are all-new recordings with this lineup. While we’re still short on material that really showcases Suttles’s voice well (I collected everything I could find here), it’s cool to hear a little taste of this blend.

2. I liked Bill’s playful candor in saying that Adam has always been a little bit lost in the shadow of his older brother, so he takes pleasure in pulling him out of that shadow now.

3. I especially loved Bill’s comments about researching Suttles’s background as a physical trainer at Vanderbilt. What he learned from speaking to people who knew Suttles in that context had nothing to do with his singing and everything to do with his character. It’s a great reminder to do whatever you do with excellence to the glory of God!

4. I noticed that the cameraman made the group sing while he took their pictures. I’m not sure if this was because they were showing off or because making your subject speak/sing is a great way to get a natural expression. 😉

5. I enjoyed hearing Wes and David’s take on the new lineup. Interestingly, David especially praised Todd’s voice. The other day I and another reader were expressing some hesitations about Todd’s chops, but obviously David has had more opportunity than we to hear what he brings to the table, and apparently he’s impressed. I would take a compliment like that from David very seriously. Hopefully Todd will find his groove as he sinks his teeth into some meaty Gaither material.

So, from what you all have heard so far, where would you rank this latest lineup in the pantheon of GVB lineups? Would you rate it as less strong than the last one but stronger than the Wes/Guy/Marsh lineup? Do you agree with Bill’s choice to keep the five-man formula? Do you think Adam and Todd are going to leave their mark on the Vocal Band in a memorable way?


8 thoughts on “Meet the New Gaither Vocal Band

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  2. JordanP

    I’m still pretty critical of Todd’s voice, but if David has enough confidence to give a compliment about the calibre of Todd’s voice, I’ll have to give him every chance to prove me wrong. David has pretty extensive vocal traning, and I’m sure he can pick out a quality voice. We will have to wait and see….

    1. Evan Miller

      I think it’s going to take time for this group to gel but when they do we are going to be saying Gaither has done it again i think this group has potential to be a great Gaither Vocal Band i am excited and i think Todd will be great can’t wait to go see concert

  3. Nicole

    I also appreciated Bill’s comment about Adam living in the shadow of his brother. I have always liked his voice much better than Jason’s. As for how good this line-up is, I don’t think Bill will ever be able to beat the Guy/Marsh/Wes line-up, but we still have Wes (who is my all-time favorite singer), and David (who is just plain incredible). Adam is obviously really good, and if David thinks Todd is good, then, for the moment at least, that is good enough for me. Can’t wait to hear them!

  4. Everyone hates change, but you can never replace Wes, Marshall and Guy. We cancelled the cruise because we wanted to enjoy Michael and Mark. So Sad, but we going elsewhere and might still keep Gaither web site TV on our Smart Tv. Should have kept the promised guests until after the cruise that gave them the bookings. I know lots of people were very disappointed. It is like going to a concert and the main entertainment guest does not appear. They were very nice at the Cruise Company and refunded our money. That was the first cruise we ever booked. Live & Learn I guess!

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