Saturday Survey: New Inspiration(s), Rodney Griffin Does Glen Payne, and more…

Here’s a little round-up of what’s been going on in the southern gospel world lately:


*Everything old is new again with the Inspirations as they bring back former members Dallas Rogers and Melton Campbell. Press release here.

*Congrats to Bill Shivers on his new baby, William Brent Shivers III! Bill has changed his twitter profile accordingly.

*Voting rounds have begun on Musicscribe’s search for the greatest southern gospel album of all time. Readers have submitted a plethora of nominations for each decade starting with the 50s, so head on over to cast your vote for that decade. Right now, the Weatherfords’ In the Garden and The Statesmen Quartet Sings With Hovie Lister seem to be duking it out for top honors.


Thanks to Matt Fouch for sending me his latest “On the Couch” entry with Scotty Inman. I enjoyed hearing Scotty talk about his background and his musical tastes. I hadn’t known he wanted to be a baseball player before suddenly being offered the chance to pursue singing instead.

Several concert videos caught my eye from this past week. Special thanks to Daniel Mount and others for bringing them to my attention.

First, Swain featured an unusual Hoppers lineup. Chris Allman and Doug Anderson had to fill in for Kim and Connie Hopper because they were snowed out of the concert! Tim Lovelace filled in on piano. A must-see:

Second, Ronnie Booth sharing his father’s testimony to introduce “The Secret Place” was immensely touching. I’ve never seen Ronnie give a word like this from the stage. It was honest and heartfelt. Also, I notice he broke out the guitar. Does this mean the Booths are incorporating more stripped-down moments in their live set? Please let it be so! 

Finally, members of Greater Vision and the Mark Trammell Quartet perform a first-time stab at a buried Cathedrals classic, and Rodney Griffin gets his Glen Payne on in a big way. What an impression! Says Greater Vision, “I think this surprised all of us!  A gentleman in the audience kept yelling the song title, and even though we had never attempted it before, we thought we would give it a try.”

And that wraps up our SG smorgasbord for this week. As an unrelated bonus, guess whose discography I’ve been digging into this week in preparation for next week’s post? Good Lord, he’s so young here!


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