New Favorite Female Singer

Last year’s American Idol recently paid a guest visit to this year’s stage. This is the first time I got a really good listen to her voice, and I have to say: wow. Her new album just dropped at the end of last month. Candice Glover, everyone! It’s just too bad she’s going into R&B and not gospel. What a voice. One wonders if the judges were thinking, “Shoot, do we have any  finalists this year who even come close?” Try to ignore the dumb graphics on song two. (My preferred solution is to focus intently on Keith Urban’s head-bobbing.)


4 thoughts on “New Favorite Female Singer

  1. WIBBFan

    You referred to song #2, only one appeared. I sure don’t remember that she sang 2 that night on Idol. I could not get past the overdone makeup she was plastered with! She looked botoxed. The eye make-up and fake lashes even seemed ridiculously heavy. Considering how well Mandisa has done, I think she might have been more successful in gospel, though I don’t know anything about R&B.

    I really liked Phillip Phillips performance!!! He looked no different than when on Idol….I love his relaxed “this is who I am style” which is mindful of Keith Urban with his “mop” of hair – good grief (though he did get it cut a couple weeks ago) and less than casual clothes. It sounds as if Phillip is doing well in the business. What do you call his music style? I suspect the rocker Caleb is heading toward the win this year. 😦 The judges can’t praise him enough.

    Harry Connick Jr. is a great addition, I really appreciate his expertise and forthrightness. I find myself surprised when Keith Urban disagrees with him Overall nothing exciting in the group of singers.

    1. Candice did a medley of two songs, so that’s what I was referring to. You’re quite right that she was pretty makeup plastered. However, I appreciated her look in that it wasn’t overly sexualized, a la Rihanna or Beyonce.

      Personally, I could never get into Phil’s voice—too growly and constipated for my tastes, but yes, quite a looker, and agreed that he looks a little manlier than Keith! I think I saw someone refer to the “mop” as “I-hate-my-parents’-Myspace hair.” 😛 He is doing well, but I think that’s largely on the strength of his debut single. “Home” was a killer song, one of the best new offerings I’ve heard in a long time. I would call his musical style acoustic rock.

      As for who’s likely to win this year, it’s a little up in the air. I agree that this bunch is a lot shakier than in some previous years. I do have a soft spot in my heart for Jess Meuse (for some reason I like that Stevie Nicks sound) and Ben Briley—to me Ben is kind of the second coming of John Fogerty. Something weirdly cool about that ruined soul voice. As for Caleb, I would say he’s actually gotten some criticism from the judges. It’s hard for them to fault him because he’s so vocally consistent by comparison with some pitchier contestants, but I think both Keith and Harry have made it clear that he needs to mix up the sameness or he’s in danger of getting stuck in a rut. I personally would peg Majesty or Sam as the eventual winner, with an edge to Majesty. Both of those contestants have so much momentum that they will at least be around for a very long time, if not all the way to top 2. I would really like to see Majesty win. She’s classy, versatile and talented even though she needs more vocal training to sustain high notes confidently.

      I only started watching Idol this season because of Harry. I only had to watch a couple auditions and was hooked by his humor and candor. I think the contestants respect and appreciate what he brings even when it’s harsh. I loved it when he said, “Look, I don’t need to belabor the fact that you’re talented. You’re all talented, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. My job is to give you something to work on, to make you better.” And as he’s pointed out, this is nothing compared to how he was trained! Some of the stories he tells about his old teacher actually make me cringe as a budding teacher myself. There can be a fine line between toughness and hazing. I do appreciate Keith too though. He’s actually very intelligent and knowledgeable himself. And I love how he responded to a journalist who asked about his “bromance” with Harry. He said, “‘Bromance’ is such a silly word. Can we please be done with it? I don’t have a ‘bromance’ with anybody. I have a ROMANCE with my wife. That’s what I have.” I wanted to cheer out loud! FINALLY, somebody said it!

  2. WIBBFan

    Chuckling………at “constipated” (now an adjective?) describing Phillip’s singing! Ouch!

    I hadn’t heard the “bromance” discussion but agree with Keith (and you), a ridiculous word that Greg Gutfeld has probably banished by now. I agree that Keith is very intelligent, that’s why I’m surprised when he disagrees with Harry. Probably the difference in a highly trained musician and one who just picked up a guitar and self-taught himself.

    1. Good point. I find though that they typically disagree on points that are a tad more subjective. Harry will say, “Your performance was too withdrawn, I didn’t connect with it,” while Keith will say, “I had the opposite reaction, I was pulled in by the intimacy of it.” Some of it may come down to more personality than anything else.

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