Saturday Survey, 3/15/14

Here’s a little potpourri of doings from the southern gospel world and elsewhere. Apologies for my laxness this week, I simply ran out of time to post a whole lot of fresh stuff! Rest assured, there are album reviews for the Gaither Vocal Band and the Perrys, a Christian movie review, and more on the way.

*Southern Gospel music executive Norman Holland passed away this week. As vice president of A&R at Daywind records, Holland was an integral figure in the careers of some of gospel music’s most celebrated groups, including, but not limited to, Greater Vision, The Perrys, Legacy Five, The Booth Brothers, Brian Free and Assurance, The Nelons, and Mark Trammell Quartet. Gerald Wolfe reflects:

Norman was the first Record Company Executive I ever met in Nashville.  In January of 1987, the Cathedrals stopped in Nashville in the middle of the night, to pick up a load of records at Benson Record’s warehouse. The big overhead door opened, and there stood one of the tallest people I had ever seen. Norman Holland, all 6 feet, 8 inches of him, had showed up at 1am to help us load records.  We instantly became friends.  Neither of us knew that, just a few year later, he would be instrumental in the formation of Greater Vision.  It was Norman who encouraged me to consider starting a group, and it was Norman who convinced Riversong/Benson to give us our first Record Contract.  When Norman moved to Daywind Records, we went with him.  I once told Ed Leonard, the President of Daywind, “as long as Norman is here, we’ll be here.”
We had a great working relationship for almost three decades, but our personal friendship was much more important.  Norman became a part of our family.  He went on family vacations with us to Disney World, New York City, and even a Hawaii Cruise.  All the guys on our bus, and their families, loved Norman.  He was one-of-a-kind.  He was certainly a big dude, but his personality was even bigger.  He could light up any room he entered.  He had the rare gift of being naturally funny, and people were instantly drawn to his magnetic personality.  He made a lasting, positive impression on anyone who ever had the honor of meeting him.
 *Don’t miss this great post from Daniel Mount, where he passes along a wonderful story about the Cathedrals and small acts of kindness. And don’t stop at the post–others have begun adding their own reminiscences about the Cathedrals and others in the comments thread!

*David Bruce Murray is answering reader questions out of his vast store of musical knowledge over on Musicscribe. Check out his entry on secular influences in southern gospel and vice versa.

*Did you know that the Internet turned 25 this week? Here’s a google blogpost from the man who designed the first web browser. (Just hum your way through the naive “diversity” blather.)

*Social conservatism was given disappointingly short shrift at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, and the future doesn’t look great for the Republican party. John Murdock gives a report. Denny Burk also shares some statistical info about the South’s current stance on gay “marriage.”

*Here’s your weekly dose of sniffles. You’re welcome:


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