Monday Morning Humor: Moms’ Night Out

Honoring moms everywhere, it’s a new comedy featuring Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), plus some of your favorite actors from Courageous (Alex Kendrick, Kevin Downes, and Robert Amaya), the screamingly funny ladies who play their wives, and Trace Adkins as a gentle biker. Liberals everywhere are freaking out over it. Apparently it’s “regressive,” “dangerous,” and “ugly sexist.”

I like it already.


“Everything’s great here. We’re all good. We’re gonna take a little trip to the hospital…”


Click more for additional clips below…

Mother’s Day Mess

Speaks for itself…

Whose Credit Card?

I love Patricia Heaton’s comic timing in this scene!

The Chase Is On

Shades of a young Michael J. Fox from Sean here.

Behind the Scenes

Revealing the secret that some of the best lines were pure improv.


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