Weekend Roundup (05/23): AGM Award Winners, New Booth Brothers, and More…

*The Absolutely Gospel Music Award winners have been announced, and the full list is here. Of particular note is Amber Nelon Thompson’s first win for female vocalist of the year. Congratulations to Amber! You can watch the whole 3-hour ceremony here.

*The Booth Brothers’ latest has dropped: Pick up your copy of Isaiah 12:2 at their website. Expect a review soon.

*If you’re interested in hearing Ernie Haase & Signature Sound’s latest live CD, you can tune in to StowTown Radio at 7 o’clock each day this week for the whole thing streaming free, plus an interview with Ernie! (That’s 7 PM Eastern Time by the way, and you can thank me for noticing that it was initially streaming at Central Time and bringing the team’s attention to it so they could fix it!)

*Check out Lauren’s Views From the Pew reviewing a concert by the up and coming group 11th Hour here.

*Here’s an audio interview with Todd Suttles, newest member of the Gaither Vocal Band:

*To celebrate Amber Nelon’s win, here’s a clip of her singing her latest sugar stick, “More Than Wonderful”:


4 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup (05/23): AGM Award Winners, New Booth Brothers, and More…

  1. Lydia

    Phew, glad I could get the volume up on my speakers on the Nelon video. At first it was way too soft. Anyway, that song (“More Than Wonderful”) is an oldie but a goodie; I’m glad to see it brought back. I haven’t googled it but would say it’s from the 80’s if not the 70’s. I had forgotten about it. Amber has quite the range!

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