Weekend Roundup (6/5): Old Paths Lose Trailer, New Acappella Martins, and More…

Here’s a look at the week in Southern Gospel:

*Keep the Old Paths Quartet in your prayers. Last week, their trailer was stolen overnight, and with it all their product, wardrobe, and sound equipment. Pray that they’ll be able to cover all stolen valuables with the police’s help.

*The Martins have come out with a new acappella release, which yours truly is working on a review of as she types. You can watch a Gaither exclusive interview with the group about the new project and enjoy a preview reel here.

*Gordon Mote fulfilled a lifelong dream this past week when he went into the studio with legendary country group Alabama. Here’s a snapshot of all the boys together:

Gordon Mote with Alabama


*Worth reading: Absolutely Gospel catches up with Tribute Quartet.

*Worth watching: Andrew Goldman takes on “If You Knew Him”:




3 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup (6/5): Old Paths Lose Trailer, New Acappella Martins, and More…

  1. JSR

    Andrew killed that song! Probably my favorite Perry’s song. There were lot’s of points on the song I thought he sounded almost just like Joseph.

    I really enjoyed Union Street. Glad he’s got an opportunity on a bigger stage. He’ll be around with big time SG groups for as long as he wants to be.

    1. I knew Andrew was going places the first time I listened to a clip of him singing. Kudos to Ernie for spotting him as somebody to watch years before the rest of us even knew who he was!

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