Weekend Roundup (06/20): Fundraising Campaign For the Old Paths, the Isaacs in Israel, and More…

Since I didn’t have a long roundup last week, this will combine some items from this week and things from last week that other folks haven’t already noted.

*The biggest news item from the week, which has already been well covered, is the merger between StowTown Records and IMC Concerts. Landon Beene and Nate Goble have bought shares in StowTown and will lend their marketing services to promoting StowTown artists. You can read Wayne and Landon’s thoughts on the new venture here.

*Fans of the Old Paths Quartet have organized a fund-raising endeavor to help them recoup the costs of their stolen trailer and the equipment inside it. The Singing News reports that while some items have been recovered, much is still lost. The real tragedy is that there were some goofs in the paperwork with their insurance company, meaning it’s doubtful that they will be able to claim their policy. You can donate through a site called YouCaring. Here is the link.

*In upcoming release news, the Nelons are preparing to release a new acappella hymns album next week. You can read a little more about the song selection here.

*Devin McGlamery has a twitter giveaway of his new album for @ replying a favorite comment or question from this interview with Matt Fouch. But you guys can figure that out, ‘cuz I’ve never tried that tweeter-twitter thing. 😉

*Glen Allred, considered one of the finest southern gospel baritones ever, celebrated his birthday this week. Happy Birthday Glen!

*I thought this was a cute Throwback Thursday picture of one of southern gospel’s favorite trios. Guess who!

Worth Watching: Last week, the Isaacs visited Israel and brought back a lovely video of them singing “I Will Praise Him” by the river Jordan, dressed all in white robes. This may be the first time I’ve seen Ben Isaacs minus his hat!


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