Who Should StowTown Records Add Next?

As of yesterday, Triumphant Quartet has joined the ever-growing ranks of old and new artists to fill out the StowTown Records roster. This particular choice makes sense given Wayne Haun’s involvement in arranging and writing for StowTown in the past. It seems like a win-win either way you slice it, given StowTown’s ground-breaking marketing and Triumphant’s enduring popularity with fans of the traditional male quartet.

With the Perrys and now Triumphant, StowTown has snagged two of the biggest ticket draws in the business, proving they’re more than just a launch-pad label for up and comers. They’re becoming a force to be reckoned with alongside other major distributors like Daywind. So, the question is—who will Ernie sign next? Who do you think he should sign next? I have a few thoughts, but I’ll let you speculate in comments.


10 thoughts on “Who Should StowTown Records Add Next?

    1. That’s an interesting thought, though I haven’t really heard much from Three Bridges lately.

      Nobody seems to have thoughts so I’ll put a few of my own out there: 11th Hour. Zach & Rodney. I would also suggest Mark Trammell Quartet, except Mark’s starting his own label now.

  1. Mat Woods

    I don’t believe they are well known -yet! I have only heard them twice -Mark209. Great sound , everyone of them has a solo voice. Great stage presence ! Honestly ? Reminded me of Ernie Haas & Signature Sound. But like I said, not well known, so we will see!

    1. To Mat Woods — I am curious but don’t mean this question in a derogatory way at all — are you referring to Three Bridges or one of the other groups mentioned? If you are referring to Three Bridges, I agree. They are not well known yet, but I still think they are fantastic. That is why I think it would be a great opportunity for them to be added at StowTown. And as they become better known, it would be beneficial to StowTown.

  2. Tad Kirkland

    The Ball Brothers. They’ve exceeded their quota of mixed groups. Since the Ball Bros toured with them a few years ago, I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened.

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