New Music and Livestream from Terry & Barbi Franklin

Terry Franklin and his wife have been hard at work on a brand-new collection of songs entitled Awaken Us. It will be available at the end of September, and pre-ordering at their site just opened up the other day. From the blurb:

With a variety of musical styles people have come to expect from Terry & Barbi, this CD includes orchestral, movie-score style ballads similar to the title song, “Awaken Us”, Hillsong-style worship choruses, intimate modern Celtic ballads, soaring acapella solos and simple heartfelt hymns. All of these will be available with band and orchestra charts as well as piano/vocal sheet music that churches can use with their worship teams and choirs.

You can make a Paypal donation from here and include a note that you’re interested in a copy of the CD, and they’ll reserve it for you. They are also conducting a live-streamed prayer and worship event this evening, which you can sign up for on their home page here.



2 thoughts on “New Music and Livestream from Terry & Barbi Franklin

  1. Terry Franklin

    Hey YGG, Thanks for mentioning our new CD! We’re excited about it.

    The live stream tonight isn’t really a concert. Barbi and I lead a prayer meeting (along with singing some worship songs) in our home every Thursday night. We will also be continuing these from wherever we are in the country. (We haven’t figured out yet how we’ll be able to pull this off when we’re overseas). We believe, with all our hearts, that our country is in DESPERATE need of another Great Awakening, a spiritual revolution of repentance. In the past this has only happened when God’s people pray. Thanks for letting folks know about this. We hope they’ll join us!

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