An Update On Future Blog Plans

It’s come to my knowledge that some criteria have changed since I was first offered the chance to move my blog to Patheos, so that what with one thing and another, the opportunity has been taken off the table for the moment. The new editor has been very friendly and helpful, but after consulting with the content director, he’s advised me to spend more time building my own brand first. So, since the majority of you were at least comfortable with a name change, I’m thinking that this is the most logical choice all things considered. That way I can hopefully begin to grow a wider audience, but on my own turf. I will let you know when this is happening, but your experience should be seamless if my understanding is correct, since simply changing the name of a free wordpress site isn’t supposed to be a big deal. Thank you all once again for giving your opinions. I look forward to continuing to produce great content for you!


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