Blog Update: Title Change in Place, Address Change TBA

[Note: This post originally had some information about how I thought subscribers would be affected by a move that I’ve since learned may not be true. I’ve amended it accordingly.]

As you can see, I’ve changed my header from “Southern Gospel Yankee” to “Yankee Gospel Girl.” Functionally, this is a very minor change which shouldn’t affect your experience of the site at all, except that it has a shiny new header now. However, a change of address is a bigger deal, so I haven’t done that yet. In combination with my purchase of a site redirect from WordPress, this will redirect traffic from to One possible change is that subscribers from the old address will have to be moved to the new one (though a,  I’m actually not sure about that, and b, even if this is the case, the process can be automated by the WordPress team so you don’t all have to re-subscribe individually). So, I’m not in a great hurry to do that. For one thing, I’m excited to share my latest research project with all y’all soon, and it’s a real gem that I don’t want anyone to miss in the confusion—maybe my best work since the Steve McQueen piece.  So, I’ll be sure to give you all advance notice if and when an address change is pending. Meanwhile, lest anyone be confused, is still the right place to come.


5 thoughts on “Blog Update: Title Change in Place, Address Change TBA

  1. As you are making this move why not get rid of “wordpress” from the address altogether. It would be much simpler.

    It would be

    1. Ah, but then it wouldn’t be free anymore. 🙂 However, if I’m planning to pay for a site redirect anyway, and if the redirect is bundled in with the custom domain, that might be worth considering, because I think it would just be 5 more bucks per year.

    2. Then again again, I would have to throw an extra $8 on top of the $18 in order to keep my registration information from becoming public record. And I’d have to remember to renew everything or else bad stuff would happen. If I had more incoming traffic it might be worth it, but as this is a pretty modest little spot I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle.

  2. I see. I do not remember what each of my domains require to maintain dollar wise but it is less than $35 per year for three domains. For me it is worth it but then again money is money.


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