Address Change Pending This Weekend

At the suggestion of a reader and after gathering more info, I’ve decided to move to a self-hosted WordPress site with the new name: It may not look like a seismic shift, but I like it for several important reasons: First, it’s still familiar to people who’ve gotten to know me through my work promoting gospel music. Second, it’s distinctive. Finally, with an unmodified “gospel” in the name (well, unmodified except for “yankee” of course), it better reflects the scope of this site, namely to explore the gospel writ large, whether that be through music, film, or my own theological ramblings. Removing “” has the added benefit of a simpler and more professional appearance. I plan to make one more post this week, then purchase my new domain over the weekend. After this, I’ll allow a few more days in case WordPress needs to transfer any subscribers before making a new post next week, which will be that research bio I mentioned before. For those curious about who the subject is, I will give you the clue that he would have been 89 years old tomorrow, and he was one of the greatest talents of his generation. His story is both heart-breaking and inspiring, but it’s hardly ever been told well, much less from a Christian perspective. I aim to rectify this on both counts.

All readers will automatically be redirected to my new address, so you should not be left staring at any “Oops, something’s gone wrong, sorry” pages. In the unlikely event that you do, keep my e-mail address handy (my newsogofan gmail account is still active, or you can use estherioreilly@…) and PLEASE write and tell me if you are experiencing weird stuff. Thanks so much for making this transition with me!


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