Buddy Greene Interviews Harry Connick Jr. for Homecoming Mag

Connick and Greene

I’m not subscribed to Homecoming Magazine myself, but I noticed that this month’s issue featured an interview by Buddy Greene with special guest Harry Connick, Jr. This intrigued me, because I never knew that Harry Connick, Jr. had southern gospel connections, but then again, Buddy Greene knows everybody. If anyone else gets a chance to read this interview, I’d be interested to know what they think, but it looks like fun. Two of my favorite musicians, both pros who would understand each other very well. Now if only we could get them to have a jam session with a recorder running.

I’ve written about Harry Connick, Jr. and his work before, and you can read my “Christians in Entertainment” entry on him here.


One thought on “Buddy Greene Interviews Harry Connick Jr. for Homecoming Mag

  1. Marcia

    Just read the link to your Harry Connick “Christians in Entertainment” — thanks for reminding me how much I LOVE this unbelievably-gifted musician. Nice to know some of the background info on his life.

    He was a great addition to Am. Idol. In his first season (did he have more than one? can’t recall), I noticed — and applauded — his comments in the first few weeks of auditions. He brought real musical critique rather than some mishmash of evaluating a singer’s potential “star” quality — it was about the music. Then, gradually, I saw him sort of begin to capitulate to the force field better known as J.Lo. (yes, the same one who asked, when either Harry or Keith discussed some auditioner’s use of pentatonic pitches, “What’s pentatonic?” ) oy.

    Not dissing J.Lo’s varied talents, just sayin’ it would be great if singers knew a bit more about music than they sometimes do.
    Anyway, back to Harry. Yay for Harry. He’s how you should do music.
    Thanks, YGG, for featuring him.

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