NQC Nuggets 2014: Monday Night

Instead of doing a running commentary this year, I am providing short “nuggets” from the bits and pieces I do manage to catch on weekday evenings, concluding with a chosen Moment of the Night. Tonight I caught the end of Karen Peck & New River’s set, Triumphant Quartet, Mark Trammell Quartet, Talleys, Kingdom Heirs and Perrys.

*Triumphant delivered a solid set as usually, but gosh, I always forget just what a clunky, hot mess “He Is” is. And I thought “Alpha and Omega” was dull. Whose bright idea was it that the name “Habakkuk” would sing well? When singers as talented as Triumphant are desperately trying and failing to hang onto the melody, that’s when you know you have a really bad melody, or perhaps more accurately, no melody. However, I really like their fill-in pianist, G. W. Southard. I’m unfamiliar with him, but he’s a fresh face like Trey Ivey. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of him.

*After getting my first look at Mark Trammell Quartet with their new bass, Randy Byrd, I have to be honest that his cut seemed lacking. On “Everybody’s Gonna Have a Wonderful Time,” his voice kept dropping off every time he went for one of those low-low notes. However, Mark Trammell saying “Phooey on political correctness” got a nice crowd response. They closed with “It’s Almost Over” which drew a standing-O. Thought: This particular big set piece works fine, but one of these days I really wish Mark would bring back “Loving the Lamb.”

*Scott Fowler revealed that back when he was singing with The Sound, someone asked him who his group of choice would be to sing with. Surprisingly, his answer was NOT the Cathedrals, but the Talleys.

*The Kingdom Heirs always freshen things up with their band.

Moment of the Night

Without question, when the Perrys came on stage for the closing set and opened with “I Can Trust Him.” Tracy was weakly holding the mike and joining in from his wheelchair, and half-way through the song, he simply began to weep openly. I doubt that there was a dry eye in the house as Libbi wiped his tears away.



5 thoughts on “NQC Nuggets 2014: Monday Night

  1. lee65

    I agree with you on Alpha and omega, it was during this song that I started nodding and decided to leave. I was wishing for Old White Flag, big time

  2. joshvanklomp

    On songs like Wonderful Time, its evident how good of a bass Pat was and how he’s a tough one to step in for. The pacing in songs like that is hard for a lot of basses, but Pat always made it look easy.

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