Bryan Walker Leaves the Perrys

The Perrys are one of my favorite mixed groups, and Bryan Walker has been a key ingredient in keeping their sound going in the last few years. So it was with some sadness that I saw the news he was leaving. To give a bit of background on Bryan, he was actually introduced to the entertainment world before he was introduced to the world of southern gospel when he auditioned for American Idol. He received a golden ticket to Hollywood, but he didn’t make it to the live show. At that time, he was working as a policeman, but he decided to pursue his passion for music. He chose the Carpenters’ “Superstar” for his audition song and impressed with his judges with his smooth, versatile pop/country sound:

For another glimpse of his range, check out this acapella take on “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”:

Bryan has been one of southern gospel’s most polished voices in his tenure with the Perrys, and in my opinion his talent never quite got the recognition it deserved. But according to the press release, he now hopes to start a family with his wife, and most recently he has felt called to pastoral ministry:

When Bryan shared his decision to come off the road with the Perrys, it was focused on he and wife Bethany’s desire to spend more time together and eventually start a family. However, Bryan says the day after he gave his notice, he was at a revival at his home church and re-surrendered [to] the call to preach, a call he first surrendered to at age 18. “There is no doubt the timing is confirmation that God has a new season in store, and I’m excited for that. I would ask that you pray for my wife and me as we wait to see what this is actually going to look like in the future, and of course also please pray for the Perrys as they seek the person God would have for their group.”

Best wishes to Bryan. He will be missed.


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