Roger Bennett Memorial Destroyed by Wind Storm

I just noticed this piece of sad news in an e-blast from Legacy Five: Apparently, the folks in beloved Cathedrals pianist Roger Bennett’s hometown of Strawberry, Arkansas were putting the finishing touches on a memorial wall to him. The wall was nearly done after two years in the making, but unfortunately, they had not yet installed the support beams that would keep it from blowing down in a wind storm, and it was destroyed a few days ago. Here are two before/after pictures:

Roger Bennett Memorial wide


Roger Bennett is one of my favorite pianists, and this news is really heartbreaking. Scott Fowler has provided an address for folks to donate towards the rebuilding process. He has said that the town will need at least several thousand dollars to start with, and any amount will be appreciated:

Roger Bennett Memorial
C/O Bank of Cave City
PO Box 187
Lynn, AR  72440

Here’s one more closeup shot of one of the plaques that had adorned the wall, which also included family pictures of Roger and engraved tiles with details about his life and career.




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