Grooveshark Goes Dark

Some of you might be familiar with a music streaming website known as Grooveshark. With the rise of officially sanctioned outlets like Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, and now even Youtube, Grooveshark has passed its usefulness, and judging by their recent farewell letter, they’ve run afoul of some big music companies in the process. This apparently wasn’t just one of those situations where an isolated few artists get grumpy and ask that their music be taken down. It was serious enough that the only way Grooveshark could settle was by wiping the site entirely.

I knew it was just a matter of time, but I won’t miss it too much since there are so many more options now. Although, the open source nature of the site made it unique in that people would sometimes upload rarities from their private collections. For example, I found limited edition live releases from a couple favorite artists that aren’t digitally available on these other sites. Sadly, a good deal of OOP gospel music has also been lost this way. (But don’t worry, I plan on doing something about that.)

The reason I’m mentioning the news here is that in past posts, I’ve embedded some Grooveshark songs and playlists when a song wasn’t on Youtube. I bet I could replace most of those with Youtube embeds now, but I don’t relish the thought of picking my way through the archives to find broken links. I won’t foist that task on my readers, but I would humbly ask that if you should be spontaneously moved to check out old posts (maybe under “Songs?”), and you chance upon a broken Grooveshark link, please leave a note so that I’ll know something needs to be replaced. Thanks!


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