Youtube Find: “There is a River,” featuring Josh Cobb with Signature Sound

Well, to be clear, former members of Signature Sound. But that would have been too long of a title. We’ve got Josh on tenor, supported by both Doug Anderson and Ryan Seaton plus Roy Webb on piano. Josh, of course, is a former Gold City tenor, and Roy was also employed by Gold City after his tenure with Signature Sound. This is an unusual combination, but it’s a reminder of how talented every one of these guys is.


7 thoughts on “Youtube Find: “There is a River,” featuring Josh Cobb with Signature Sound

  1. Bobbie

    I enjoyed this as I have these guys in my “where are they now” file. I know where Ryan Seaton is working now, but Doug Anderson just went on his own, and I really don’t know about the other two. Still like, appreciate their talent, and look forward to hearing more from Roy & Josh!! Thanks for sharing them doing a favorite song for me!!

  2. I remember watching this shortly after it was uploaded. It’s a very good rendition, but I still prefer the version Wes Hampton did with those guys 7 years ago (has it really been that long?!)

  3. Josh was my favorite Legacy 5 tenor. Strong in the Strength my favorite album of there’s. It’s not on Spotify though. And it’s difficult to track down Josh, although he has a folk-type album on Spotify from early aughts.

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