Farewell to Gus Gaches

One of my favorite tenor singers is coming off the road due to vocal fatigue. Gus Gaches first joined Legacy Five in 2009 and has contributed immeasurably to their music, not only as a singer but as a producer. I’ve always loved the purity of his tone, and I respect the fact that he never pushed his range to the point where it became irritating just for the sake of showing off. He is far and away my favorite Legacy Five tenor and one of the best in the business as a whole. Here is his take on their signature song “I Stand Redeemed,” which I’ve always preferred to the original. I believe this was the first time he performed it live with the group:


2 thoughts on “Farewell to Gus Gaches

  1. Tad Kirkland

    This appears to be a recurring problem with tenors in SG. I think it would behoove LV or any SG group to reconsider the tessatura of their arrangements in order to retain their best singer in a role that has been revolving. Greater Vision and the Booth Bros appear to have done that often having lower than average arrangements in order not to exhaust their tenors through the years.

    1. True. I stopped trying to keep track of who was singing tenor for Gold City a long time ago.

      I think more groups should also be willing to do acoustic versions of old songs that were keyed really high, so that the key can be lowered to avoid vocal burnout for tenors who struggle to match the original.

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