NQC 2015 Open Thread

This year, I will regrettably not be live-blogging the webcast of the National Quartet Convention. Real life is finally getting in the way. But, I would love to hear thoughts from any southern gospel fans who are either going in person or watching the webcast. I know that several new groups will be making their debut, including Jim Brady’s new trio. So, consider this an open thread to discuss groups you’re looking forward to, thoughts or highlights of any of the sets, even disappointments (I won’t censor you for it!), and suggestions for improvement.

To make up for this (at least partly!) I do have an interview with one of my favorite new songwriters in gospel music coming soon, so stay tuned for that.


3 thoughts on “NQC 2015 Open Thread

  1. WIBBFan

    Webcast viewer. I have greatly enjoyed the Hopper Men’s Quartet which includes a young man who filled in for Connie and their bus driver! The main-stage MC combo of Gerald Wolff and Jason Crabb was groan worthy. That said, I think it was the showcase that Gerald and Gordon Mote hosted had a great interchange between them, very funny.

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