Yankee Gospel Girl is Now on Facebook

Recently, I took the plunge and opened up a Facebook page for this site. So, if you’ve been reading and liking what you see, you now have another way to follow me. I read somewhere that 50 is some kind of magic number of “likes” on Facebook, but I hate to guilt-trip people into liking stuff, so only “like” the page if you want to–obviously! Also, I’ve noticed that some folks who might be disinclined to leave a comment on a blog thread will leave a comment on Facebook, so if this is your preference, it is now at your disposal.

You might also have noticed that the site got a makeover a couple of weeks ago. I got my first mobile device last year, and it gave me a different perspective on web browsing. Much as I liked the old format, I realized it was time to move on to something more mobile-friendly, and I hope this new look fits the bill. As you can tell, not much has changed as far as organization, only layout. Better late than never!


3 thoughts on “Yankee Gospel Girl is Now on Facebook

    1. Thanks. And that was unexpected! I know he’s liked and shared some of my work before but didn’t think he would bump that one. Now if only I could get a few of the thousand people who clicked over to stick around… 🙂

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