Booth Brothers Announce a DVD Taping

The Booth Brothers are my favorite trio in gospel music, and they have just announced that they will be taping a new DVD. This will be their first video project with newcomer Paul Lancaster. The project will actually contain enough material to cover two DVDs, so it will be very interesting to see which songs they choose to highlight. They’ve recorded some of their best songs in the years since they last taped a concert, so it will be a treat to have high quality live performances of highlights from projects like Declaration, Let It Be Known, and Still. 

The concert will be taped on February 23rd at In Touch Studios in Atlanta, GA. Tickets are available now from here.

Some of the Booth Brothers’ older DVDs with baritone Jim Brady are no longer in print, but Michael gave me permission to digitize them and share the performances on YouTube. In case you missed it a while back, I’ve compiled a playlist of all the vintage clips I’ve put on my channel so far here. They’re some of my most popular uploads, and with good reason! Southern gospel doesn’t get much better than this trio.


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