I’m a student and a teacher. Christian for seventeen years. This site was first started as an outlet for my love of gospel music, but after a few years it has grown to encompass my love for the gospel writ large and for all things true and excellent, including all kinds of music. I’m a reader of old books and a watcher of old movies. I sing, play the piano, and write a little. It’s dangerous for me to start playing the piano, because once I start I have trouble stopping.

I’m a nerd. I may not have the Star Trek paraphernalia to prove it, but rest assured, I am a nerd.

I review music, movies and occasionally books. I’m very generous with my praise…and my criticism.

I’m a keen observer of culture and its intersections with faith. I have zero patience with postmodernists, liberals, and people who pretend to be much smarter than they really are. But I repeat myself.

I believe there is no such thing as a reasonable, well-informed atheist.

Occasionally, I share worth-while out-of-print music, classic entertainment clips, and my own video editing projects with the world on Youtube. Follow my channel here.


Book: Too many to list, but insert something by C. S. Lewis here.

Movie: Chariots of Fire

Song: “It is Well With My Soul”

Singer: Steve Green

Bible book: Acts

President: Ronald Reagan

Preacher:  Alistair Begg


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      1. JJ

        You might want to set up a separate email address (many free options like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) just for this purpose. It would be a great way to make it easy for people in the music industry to stay in touch — i.e. give you the information and early releases you’d enjoy having to keep your blog fresh!

      2. I actually do have a separate e-mail. My only real hesitation about enabling people to contact me is that I might end up having to deal with a whole bunch of messages if I post something controversial…

      3. JJ

        You would certainly have the right to ignore the emails you have no time or desire to answer, since it’s your opinion on your blog. No worries there!

    1. I’m honored that you stopped by! Thank you for your time and your kind words. I love that version of “It is Well” also. All of Rice’s work with hymns is excellent, both instrumental and with vocals.

    1. Oh my. Yes, I’ve actually seen him perform that live. Later I went back to compare it with the original as far as the key changes went. As near as I can figure out, in the original version, he starts in the key of D, then goes up by a full step at each successive verse. At “his kingdom is forever,” he takes it up another half step and repeats the phrase. This means he lands in the key of A, and the highest note he hits is, I believe, a B natural.

      At the concert where I saw him, he lowered the key from the out-set, starting in D flat instead. But now here’s the fascinating thing—instead of going up by whole steps, he changed key by half steps. This means that if we compare the two versions by the time he gets to the last verse, he’s fallen some two keys behind the original. He took it up another half-step for the repeat like in the original, so he doesn’t lose any more ground there. However, he threw us for a loop a little bit by not ending on the high note right away, just ending the phrase normally. But then, he threw in an extra whole key change, putting him in G. This meant that the highest note he hit was an A, only a step below the original.

      I may have made a mistake somewhere, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it went!

      Oh yes, and as for the quality of the performance…

      He sped up the tempo somewhat from the original and sang the first verse very confidently. By the first key change it was obvious he was going to go all-out as he attacked the lyric. By the second key change he was really hitting his stride, sounding more and more like his old self. By the third key change he had taken everything up to a whole new level of power, and I was already busily moving purse/water bottle/etc. out of the way so I wouldn’t knock anything over for the standing ovation. His voice cracked just a little bit when he lunged for the high note, but he steadied himself and pinned it down beautifully.

      After the concert I said, “I didn’t think you were going to pull out ‘A Mighty Fortress!’ ” (meaning I hadn’t expected him to use it in the set). He answered, “I almost didn’t,” and later I wondered if he had interpreted me to mean “pull out” as in pull off the arrangement successfully. That was pretty self-effacing on his part if so, because ever-so-slightly rough around the edges though it was, it was a powerful performance.

      Yep, I’m a geek. 😀

  1. Brigitte

    You’re not the only person that likes math 🙂 I also like to write, and I play the piano, violin, and cello. I also LOVE Southern Gospel music!! 😀 Nice to be “in contact” with you again… been a while since NQC 🙂

    1. Paul Washer out MacArthurs John MacArthur! Washer is zealous for the Lord and His glory. When I start losing my passion for the Lord I get into the Word and I listen to one of Washer’s YouTube clips.
      I have been having a crisis of faith lately. What is a real Christian? Does Christ have to be the Lord of one’s life 24/7? Does one have to be actively seeking God through His Word? Does a person who is a professed believer and goes to church on Sunday and has no desire to learn God’s Word and lives like the world the rest of the week a true Christian? I don’t know. This is a personal question for me because a woman I love fits into the professed believer category.
      There was a theological controversy about 20 years ago between the Lordship salvation group (MacArthur, Sproul) and the only believe group (Hodges, Ryrie) I definitely fit into the Lordship group. “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not do the things I say? “

      1. I think this is an interesting question, and the answer may vary depending on the person. Obviously if a person’s heart is not oriented towards God, that will show in more ways than just not reading Scripture daily. I confess, I don’t read Scripture every day. Sometimes I go months without reading Scripture. But I know the Scripture well from years of being steeped in and memorizing it. I do think deliberately not being plugged into a church is problematic though. I can understand if you’re struggling to find a good fit, but you should keep looking until you do.

  2. asselot

    Thanks for this video of Paul Washer Yankeegospelgirl .This is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am an tough old french man, but when I listen to this good old gospel tears come into my eyes. May God continue to use you for His Glory. Merci beaucoup…

  3. Francesca

    I just finished your page on Brennan Manning and I am amazed that you are so young–well, I am assuming you are young. I did go back to college in my 30’s, but even then didn’t have the wisdom and knowledge that you have.

    I loved Brennan Manning when I was a young new charismatic Christian. He was an incredible speaker. I heard him in person and bought his tapes in hopes that if my husband listened he would be impressed and come to saving grace. He was so impressed that he lifted a phrase from one of Manning’s talks and used it in a speech he gave to a group of business men. Alas, to this day he has not become a Christian and he is no longer my husband.

    I have come a long way since then and now consider myself pretty orthodox. The first time I heard Paul Washer speak on a YouTube video I was brought to my knees in tears. Manning would definitely not approve of him.

  4. Chuckles

    A favorite evangelist of mine is Ray Comfort, who has an excellent quote regarding atheists:

    Atheists can’t find God like a robber can’t find a policeman.

  5. Patti H

    So..( This is just the follow up comment to the Brennan Manning post)

    What I wanted to continue with in the description of my own journey with the life in Christ..post conversion..is that power is available to us to live. As far as I can understand that is a very central focus theme of the Good News..that we are not doomed to be life long manacled to our previous addictions. I totally understand that a period of stumbling may take place perhaps even a long one..but the Bible says..and I am convinced that it not only means it but supplies the ability to accomplish it; “without holiness..no one will see the Lord..”

    A grace is promoted as lavish but that you never have to change except for thanking God for accepting you. I know we all still sin..but bondage is something else. (I actually still was unable to be free from several of my “multiple disorders” until the Lord revealed to me..through His word, that I could be healed of them by confessing them as sin, not an illness or disorder) and having someone pray for me. My bulimia was so entrenched..(25 years) that I had zero hope of being free from it ever. I assumed I’d have to be a limping Christian from Mars forever. However I’d begun to understand that the Lord wanted me to walk clean..Holy and that my problems had me balled up in sin behaviors no matter how much my in my new faith I wanted otherwise. Somehow I began to hunger to be free and to trust God..even going so far as to consider obeying Him (James 5:16 ) by telling someone..maybe even my whole new church, about my problem..it didn’t come to that..I finally just confessed to a very godly woman who prayed for me..and of course ..nothing happened..I had to depend on lavish grace because my addiction was so powerful… JUST KIDDING! actually, astonishingly, I was instantaneously delivered of that chaining degrading confusing affliction..right that moment!! Praise God!!! (I’ve been free for 16 years now!) In addition to this I was delivered of several other serious problems one by one, as the Lord showed me where sin issues were in my life that needed to be addressed..One huge aspect of sin and bondage is that it is promoted and influenced by a very real devil..and unless we take the Lord at his word that He wants a peculiar holy generation to be seeking His ways ,we will always have to live in the weakness of not believing that Jesus has power over the worst of our sins..and He actually has defeated the enemy of our souls..and that by His grace has come to dwell IN us..thereby making us strong in spite of our weakness.

    I know that if God had not been Gracious to me to allow me to be in a boiling pot of trouble..even for several years after conversion ..I’d never have turned or stuck to the program..I needed the Holy Spirit to cause me to long for holiness and I needed miracles and power and revelation and deliverance to enable me to live..I needed the Gospel to be really true..but in the middle of that, in many seriously painful ways, I had to obey with all my heart even when I thought I never could..even when I totally didn’t want to.

    One of the posts talked about a lopsided Gospel..and I think that is really the problem with the teachings that propose that God receives us just as we are but never really minds if we just stay there ..if our problem is a really really big one..If that was true..then Jesus wouldn’t have had to die..God could have just said “OK it’s all under my amazing kindness,” “heaven for all”.

    I thought that you wrote very graciously and coherently and intelligently Southern Gospel Yankee girl, and I truly enjoyed your answers.

    In summation..I’d like to say..we should be careful that the word grace does not come to mean “God cannot deliver me”..or even worse “I’m just fine like this”.. because then Jesus didn’t even have to come for us..He didn’t have to pay with blood. I have a lot of questions still about why people can’t get free..but I am completely convinced that it’s not because in God’s grace He thinks that bondage is OK. The Bible is a lot more strict than some people like to believe because we are still living in a very dangerous and wicked world and if we live aimlessly and without belief in the clear declarations of Scripture, about being transformed and coming out of our bondage idolatry and lust, we may be very very surprised someday to find we walked in terrible disobedience to Christ.. or maybe never truly having surrendered to Him at all. The great news is…that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think. .according to His power at work in us. We are all works in progress and accepted..but pressing on to the High call in Christ.

  6. Karen Reamer

    I happened to get on this site – first time today – WOW! This is a great
    blog. Thank you for all your time in putting this together each month.

  7. Just found your blog googling Brennan Manning and Universalism. Ha! I too am confused by the following his teachings have especially when he appears to have a higher regard for his visions and dreams than scripture. I say “appears” because I have not fully read his books, only thorough quotes in their context. There are more and more of those separating from the consistency and truth of scripture and relying on feelings and catchy sayings from these contemplatives. I laughed because when I got to the comments section of said blog post you had 222 comments, a number which seems to follow me as I blogged about here. http://theapologista.blogspot.com/2014/10/im-feeling-22.html
    I am looking forward to reading more!

  8. Grant

    Hello there! I see Steve Green is your favorite singer and that you are a fellow music nerd! Steve is definitely my favorite singer as well…I’m a HUGE fan! I saw earlier up in this thread you had a very detailed recap of when you saw him sing A Mighty Fortress in concert. I thoroughly enjoyed your description. Since Steve is your favorite, you should check out my channel! I have lots of Steve stuff, some of it you can’t find anywhere else. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/user/grantgreat04/feed

  9. R'dale Schultz

    I am really interested in your GIF of the boxing
    Elephant. It is the truth of what’s going on
    Within the party and I feel that the in fighting
    Will ruin the GOP.

    I am looking for an elephant graphic like yours but I want to be careful for copyright infringement since I am hoping to use it as a book cover. But I do have other cover ideas.

    I read your about info and I like your blog. Just bookmarked it. Glad I found ya.

    God Bless

    Sincerely, R’dale

  10. I just read your articles on Brennan Manning and Michael J Fox. Very perceptive. I have read most of Manning’s books and “All is Grace” many times. I believe he is with the Lord now. My thought of Manning is “Lord, if You can use a man as messed up as Brennan was, You can use me too.” I love His phrase, “These things happen.” I also love Kurt Vonnegut’s phrase, “So it goes.” Neither is biblical.
    Like Manning was, I am a broken, deeply flawed, sinful man saved by God’s grace alone. I am a retired high school math teacher. I hope to read more of your articles. David K

  11. Thanks for your response. I don’t understand how a Christian could go for months without reading the Bible but I suppose it is possible.
    What is a genuine Christian? Ultimately the Lord alone knows whose names are written in the Book of Life. At the end of the Gospel of John, Peter asks the Lord, “What about this man?” referring to the Apostle John. Jesus replies, “… You follow me.”
    I believe the Lord is telling us to concentrate on Him and our own spiritual walks.
    I recognized Maureen O’Hara picture. That shows how old I am. (63) Have you seen her film with John Candy, “Only the Lonely”. It is not a great film it is moving in places, funny and sad at the same time.
    I believe that I am in danger of becoming a cranky, old Christian man. I call most contemporary Christian music, “bubblegum”, unsingable tunes and unmemorable, unscriptural lyrics. Tomlin and Maher have written some excellent music. Hillsong has some wonderful worship songs too.
    Being retired is marvelous. I have time to write things like this.

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