If The 2016 Election Was a Season of American Idol…

AI and Election collage

Imagine, if you will, a parallel universe where instead of running for president, our 2016 contenders had competed in American Idol instead. (While meanwhile, in another parallel universe, TV personalities were running for president. Oh wait, that’s our universe, never mind.) What might the contest look like? I decided to draw on my vast knowledge of American Idol’s last few seasons and imagine it for you. Here is how I picture most of the candidates who ran this year as American Idol contestants. I say “most,” because I couldn’t think of something clever for everyone. Sorry, George Pataki, whoever you were.

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Monday Morning Humor: I’m a Christian, But…

In case you saw the Buzzfeed video where a bunch of latte-sipping millennials in skinny jeans informed us that we’re doing Christianity wrong, here’s a brilliant parody of it by the Lutheran Satire guys. (It’s even funnier if you watch the original video first.)

“Actually, a lot of creationists are really well-educated, intelligent people…”

“Uhhhh, not according to Bill Nye, MORON. And he should know, because he has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and he used to pretend to be a scientist on television.”


Southern Gospel Lookalikes, Part 2

Last year, I did a post on southern gospel singers with doppelgangers in the entertainment world. It was quite popular and prompted a number of great suggestions from my readers. Since then, I’ve collected a few more myself. Enjoy!

Kirk Talley and young Ron Howard:

Kirk Talley and Ron Howard collage

Val Kilmer and Dean Hopper:


Michael Keaton and Wayne Haun:

Wayne Haun Michael Keaton collage

Paula Deen and Gloria Gaither:


And, my personal favorite of the suggestions from last time, Pastor John Hagee and gospel pianist/journalist David Bruce Murray. (Wait, is Pastor Hagee in the entertainment world? Better not answer that question…)



Monday Morning Humor: The Odd Couple

Apologies for my lack of contentful columns in the past week or so as I ramp up for a hectic semester. Several posts are brewing, including some thoughts on the Kendrick Brothers’ latest movie and a new Glen Campbell documentary. But for now, enjoy a little slice of comedic gold from everyone’s favorite Odd Couple. In this episode, Oscar is trying to cure Felix of agoraphobia. The results are, shall we say, less than optimal.