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  1. mary

    i registered with rapidshare, but it still wont let me upload your video! It goes to the upload screen but then nothing will load….any ideas for me ? :o)

      1. steve case

        yankeegospelgirl.. so glad you were part of Michael Booth’s live online event last night.. you wanted to do some things with the material.. can we chat? I am all for it but it would be best to chat first.. email me at and we can work out a time to talk..
        Your blog is a Blessing.. and you are in College?? hmmm which breaks all the rules you know.. you are not suppossed to like Southern Gospel Music.. would love to hear how that came about..

      2. Hi Steve! I can e-mail you, sure. I already e-mailed Jen to see if I could get access to the full archived webinar. I recorded some clips but not the full thing. All I had in mind was transcribing some bits and pieces, because I feel like the full impact of Michael’s words would be lost in paraphrase.

      3. Jan

        Esther Let me begin with your name–You were made for a time such as this where the world has shut out truth and replaced it with lies, yet you will only tell truth and you will not compromise with a lie no matter who is confronting you. You are also out front with your identity as a child of God who worships the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I first read your post on Michael J. Fox and found it honest, well-researched, and yet hopeful. I admire what you do as well as how you do it. I love your truths, your moral code, and your values as well as your consist faith. You are making a difference in this world–keep it up! Thank you for your insight, wisdom, diligence, persistence, and strong faith in God and in His Word. Very refreshing!

  2. Norm

    Hey Girl ( although you’re probably a woman). In any case, I thought your suggestion that the pretty women in “High Road” find some nice guys was someone offensive. They are developing a professional career as I assume you will want to do. If you find a suitable partner great but that won’t define you. And you’re hearing this from an old guy who found a great mate 42 years ago.

    1. Norm, thanks for the comment. I believe you may have misunderstood me. I say that for any sweet, nice-looking young girls (or guys) that I see. They are indeed professionals at what they do, but if you asked them I believe you’d find that they wouldn’t mind marrying some good godly guys. For all we know, they may even be dating. As we have seen elsewhere in gospel music, marriage and a career need not be mutually exclusive. (Both the older Collingsworth girls are married, for example.) However, a marriage could in the long run mean that a woman decides she needs to focus on raising a family over and above her career. For that matter, men have made that decision as well (witness the most recent changes in Mark Trammell Quartet and Gold City). Yet that can be just as rewarding and defining as a career.

      So, to sum up, my comment was not meant to be offensive at all. It was in fact the very best I could wish for those three young ladies.

  3. We would appreciate it if you would post this info on your blog site.

    Plainsmen Quartet History and Discography Released

    After a year and half of research and countless interviews with friends, family, and former members of the Plainsmen Quartet, Ernie Couch and Jason Couch, of Nashville-based Ernie Couch & Revival, have up-loaded their in depth history and discography of the group on the internet. The project was undertaken to preserve the heritage of one of the great quartets of the last half of the twentieth century. Both Ernie and Jason worked with the Plainsmen in the 1980s, and hope this lengthy endeavor will help keep this segment of southern gospel music history alive in the minds of future generations. If you are a fan of the Plainsmen, or just a fan of traditional quartet music, you will want to check out the link at…

  4. WIBBFan

    YGG, I want to compliment you on your sensitivity to the emotional needs of a fan on the Booth Brothers’ concert webinar tonight. You obviously read her correctly and she seemed to appreciate the touch you gave . This was doubly impressive because of your young age and the difficulty (for me anyway) of reading all those comments throughout while enjoying the music. (I could not figure out how to email you personally, do not like posting publically but felt you should be commended. Your parents would be pleased.)

    1. You’re too kind. Thank you. My contact e-mail is actually there, you just have to decipher part of it because I didn’t write it out in full to avoid bots. Just take the newsogofan part, then add Thanks again for commenting. I could tell she was battling various things and needed some assurance. I’m very thankful she had the opportunity to watch the Booth Brothers and be uplifted by their music, and that I contributed in some small way to that experience.

  5. steve case

    Just thought you might be interested in a story about Poet Voices Relaunch. If you are interested Phil Cross and I are interested in you doing a contest. i.e. free seats to your readers
    Thoughts?? steve
    Here is what Paul Heil is using;
    Poet Voice Inaugural Online Concert for relaunch
    This is the online component of the Feb 17th and Feb 18th 2012 Poet Voices Concert. This is the Inaugural Concert for relaunch of the group. To register for the Feb 17th concert go to for the Feb 18th Concert go to
    The actual concert will be held in a Church in Atlanta, and it will be broadcast live over the internet. Both the live in person concert and the online concert will begin at 6 PM. The online concert will also include a time of question and answer with Phil Cross and the other two group members after the concert is completed.
    This is a must see event. We have all loved the Poet Voices for years, and we love their songs. This event will be the relaunch of the Poet Voices and will include the Poet Voices hits of days gone by. You will not want to miss this one time opportunity to see and hear the relaunch of Poet Voices.

  6. lee65

    Aaron & his wife Amanda have a worship ministry and he sings with Canton Junction as well as leads worship at John Hagee’s church .Adam had the group Crabb Revival and now that they’ve disbanded he has a solo ministry

  7. I want to say how nice it is to visit your website. I am loving this website and I look forward to seeing more. I have a blog that you can check out and you can check it out. I am going to add you to my blogroll. May God bless you and I hope you have such a blessed day.

  8. Darren

    Hi, I really like reading some of the posts you have, but I have one question. I got an email from your blog and you had an article about Heroes and mainly The movie “The Dark Night Rises” Did you take this down? If so why? It was a good article.

    1. I’m so sorry Darren, that was a goof on my part. That’s actually a post that I’ve had sitting in drafts for a long time, and I was going back to work on it today as a possible guest post for a different website. I accidentally hit “Publish” when I was working on it. I didn’t think of subscribers who would be confused by my unpublishing, so I’m sorry about that!

      In fact, I finished it in Word, so heck, I’ll just e-mail you what I’ve got so far. I don’t know for sure if it will be published elsewhere or not. It’s mostly done, might need a little tweaking.

  9. Hi YGG,
    I enjoy your posts. My request is perhaps you might give us a picture of yourself. It is always nice to see who you are talking to. You sound like you have a great plan for your life. I know God will bless you as long as you keep your eyes on him and not man. Good luck to you and may God Bless You.
    Your friend in Christ,
    Don Pippin

    1. Thanks Don, I appreciate the readership. But didn’t I already decline that request on my “About” page? Unless I’m mistaken, that was also you commenting under another handle. Check that page to confirm.

      1. Don’t have another handle. I have enough trouble trying to remember this one.. I Just thought it might be nice to see who we are talking to. Now, I don’t think you are bashful,but I suspect you are a very pretty smart lady. Anyway, it was a thought.

      2. Well that’s a puzzle to me, because the e-mail address said “Don Pippin,” even though the handle was 001gizmo. Definitely you unless somebody was impersonating you (and I can’t imagine why anyone would do that) so I think you’re just forgetting.

        Anyway, I’m flattered, but like I said before, it’s just a privacy thing. It’s the same reason I don’t go around telling people who I am, unless they’re artists or people in the business whom I trust not to reveal my info.

  10. You know what? I can’t believe I forgot that 001gizmo stuff. I apologize for my short term memory loss. I am suffering from “Longevity” I will try not to repeat myself again. Thanks for understanding.

    1. Hi Mike, I skimmed the review and liked it. I was glad to see him press a little harder on chapter one. However, there’s a totally different issue which is that he’s a Calvinist… and as an Arminian I found myself smiling at “the myth of free will” bit towards the end. But I’m actually pretty laid back about that kind of thing, so I don’t mind. 🙂

  11. Michael A. Coughlin

    All your favorite preachers/bloggers are Calvinists. 🙂
    I won’t apologize; it was predestined.

    1. I’m often found bemoaning the lack of really good, prominent Arminian theologians at the forefront of the culture wars these days. But I’ll take what/who I can get. 🙂

  12. Evan Miller

    Hey my mother and I have become really good friends with Lori Hall or Marsh calls her Lori Lee she is my source and she is the one that told me about Travis. so i don’t want to tick her off because she givesme inside information

      1. Evan Miller

        No problem but hate to disappoint Marshall and Guy fans they are not coming back especially Marshall he is very happy at Shadow Mountain

  13. Tad Kirkland

    I think it was you who posted info about the company who did the orchestrations for the new Mark Trammell CD. If so, what company was that? I think is was a website name.

    1. Hi Tad! I believe that was actually Daniel Mount or Musicscribe, as I have not yet posted a review of that CD. Try asking one of those guys. I don’t remember the name of the company off the top of my head.

  14. Andy Johnson

    I am Music Director at WPET in Greensboro, N.C. How can I Download the current songs. Our station is a full time Southern Gospel Station.
    Andy Johnson
    Music Director

  15. Randy Chapman

    Hey Esther, Hope all is well with you & yours,.I found your Remembrance Day video of the last scenes in Saving Private Ryan on GodTv site. would like to use the line & video of James Ryan asking if he’s a good man, has he lead a good life ? in a presentation for a spirtiual retreat talk.
    Is it possible to download your video, if so where do I find it, & is there a certain process to do so.
    Thxs, Enjoyed what i’ve seen of your site so far, will explore further.

    Grace & Truth,
    Randy Chapman

      1. Randy Chapman

        Thanks for the quick reply. Anytime this next week would give me time to insert it in my PowerPoint.. Thank you for even considering . Gratefully, Randy Chapman

  16. C L Jackson

    A big Howdy from Kansas! Today I again read your piece of Brennan Manning and thought to write you. i agree with your report on Manning. In fact it may be you could speak out more as to his life not being lived in the likeness of Christ Jesus. When I hear and think of him I am reminded of 1Cor 6:10. I do not know a great deal about him, and i confess, I have not read his writings nor will spend my time reading his works. It appears much info out there credits him as a great teacher authority type and little is revealing anything else. It seems he is well received in the contemporary church movement and appeals to an intellectual mindset from what i gather from others i know who read his works. These are perils.

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading. My intent was not to declare that Manning was a non-Christian. However, I do think that one could draw the wrong lessons from his example, and I feared that a lot of people were missing the points that a) His work is not theologically very sound, and b) It’s dangerous to fall into the mentality that “dysfunctional = qualified” when it comes to selecting church leaders.

  17. Kathleen

    Thank you for your article on the alleluia song. I’m a Christian, and I’ve tried to tell people that the lyrics are decidedly carnal and defiant, At any rate, not Christian. Glad to hear I’m not the only one and that I’m not crazy!

  18. Mary

    Hi, you were given credit for an applesauce cookie, but I can’t find the recipe in your site. I was hoping to find some nutrition information 😀

    1. Haha! Oh dear. I can explain—you see, I follow The Smart Cookie Cook, and a few years back when she said she would feature recipes, I thought just for fun I’d reach out and suggest my favorite applesauce cookie recipe. But as you can tell, my own blog isn’t a cooking or nutrition site at all. I write about music, movies, politics, culture and things like that. 🙂 However, the cookie recipe should be there in the post she did where she tested it out. I hope you like them! 😀

  19. Richard Habegger

    I would like to know what you believe? Where can I find that? What denomination are you a member of…web site; who is Chirst; how do you become a Christian?

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