Belated Welcome to a New Blogger

I missed the quiet advent of a new southern gospel blogger a couple months ago. Please join me in welcoming Lauren from Arkansas! You can read her reviews and commentary at The View From the Pew.


Revival Awards—Vote!

Hey fellow southern gospel fans, go check out what my buddy fridaynightrevival is up to on his blog. He’s running his own awards show with categories that showcase the best of southern gospel in a fresh way. While there’s nothing wrong with the standard “favorite artist” or “favorite bass singer” type of awards, there’s a lot of talent in the industry that slips under the radar that way. The Revival Awards are designed to recognize gifted people who may not be household names, like engineers and non-performing songwriters. There will also be some “most creative ____ ” categories to award artists who are thinking outside the box. Look for some opportunities to vote for your favorite songs a bit later as well. Right now, the first “batch” is up for you to vote and comment on. So what are you waiting for?

Full disclosure: I’m on the advisory board, which selected nominees and will handle the results at the very top once readers have helped narrow down our lists.

Saturday Survey #2

Hilariously, this is only my second survey/open thread in the life of the blog. I guess I’m generally too lazy to go around collecting newsy tidbits, especially since everybody else is so good at it. But a few things caught my eye this week. In no particular order:

* Former Tribute tenor Brian Alvey has joined the Talleys. As I’ve said elsewhere, this thrills me to no end. Brian is a fabulous and (IMO) underrated singer, and I can’t wait to see what Roger cooks up for the new sound. Some of us were wondering where Lauren would take her career when she and Brian got married last month, but this is certainly a pleasant surprise. Expect some impressive vocal interplay between Brian and Lauren in the group’s future.

* It came out in the comments section of this blog post of mine that Terry Franklin won’t be participating in this year’s live Gaither Vocal Band Reunion at NQC due to various scheduling conflicts. He will definitely be missed. I don’t know how many other GVB tenors will make an appearance, but I sure hope Steve Green makes it.

* Yet another SG blogger has launched, at His latest post is a convicting message to southern gospel groups about paying songwriter royalties.

* Chris Allman’s son Dustin proposed to his sweetheart, and she said yes. Way to go, D! You’re a great guy, and I’m confident you and Amanda will have a sweet marriage.

* Photo of the week: This priceless shot of Brian Free with his new grandson, born July 20. Isn’t that beautiful? Of course, the newsworthy aspect of this photo is that it appears Brian has grown a goatee. And here we were laying bets on when he would shave his soul patch. Who’da thunk it? Personally, I think his sharp, classic features have always lent themselves best to the clean-shaven look, but that’s just my .02.

* Video of the week: Hat tip to Josh for posting this video of the Garms family’s “Little Adventurers” performing an acapella number (with a little last-minute backup from big brother Ben). Little Caleb is singing lead, sister Jayme is singing high harmony, and Sam is singing low harmony while providing a few comedic movements with Caleb. Sammy is turning into a miniature Michael Booth—look out world! He even plays drums! (Not shown in this video.)

The thread is yours.

Happy Birthday Daniel Mount

Today Daniel J. Mount of turns 25. I am grateful to him for giving me my start in the blogosphere as New SoGo Fan. He made me an official contributor for several months, and the response to what I wrote was overwhelming. I found out then and later that my reviews (which you can read all in one place here) had directly caused people to invest in southern gospel music, people who may not otherwise have made those particular investments. I was encouraged to start southerngospelyankee through Daniel’s repeated promises that he would do all that was in his power to assist and promote me  if I launched out on my own.

All of which is to say that Daniel has played an important part in this blog’s existence, and for that I thank him today. You may leave your good wishes for him here or on his blog.